Current Information about the Lounges

Extended opportunities for the Exhibitors and Visitors in the new Lounge‐ Community

Initially available to the Professional Visitors of the Lounges only with a x4com as the activated communication platform, with which you can propose goal‐orientated questions, receive individual consultations and exchange freely.

  • Exhibitors can present their goal‐orientated and react to the related interests
  • Visitors can already inform themselves in advance and prepare individually

Cross‐Media – the Idea

The cross‐media thoughts are finding their way into the world of Events.

Nowadays, there are more components to having a successful business than presenting at an Event with nicely furnished Exhibiting Booths or having an article published in a professional journal.

Little Effort – Huge Impact

The possibility provided by the cross‐media concept will allow you to effortlessly deliver messages simultaneously across multiple platforms, publications in an array of medium and so you can meet new potential clients.

Live‐Events + Online Presence + Printing Medium + Community

As a Live-Event with Exhibitor Booths, the Lounges offer Real Life Presentations, Live Displays and Product Shows the optimal environment to present and advertise their products or services.

Exhibitors can post their current contributions in the Company News, Product News or Job News with their Online Presence on the Internet websites of the Lounges in order to connect with a broader range of spectators.

In addition, this information is accessible to the public inside the Lounges‐Specials and will allow the Professional Press access and continuous reading.

Exhibitors and Visitors can communicate within the new Community on the x4com platform in a more direct, personal way. That way members can exchange information, set‐up their daily routines on the Lounges, schedule appointments, manage leads, download documents – everywhere at any time.


New – the Community

The new Lounge‐Community on the x4com platform

With the Lounge Community: the new communication platform of the Lounges and can be used for continuous contact throughout the year.

Exhibitors have a lot of communication possibilities at their disposal

  • Automatic entry of your company account information through the booking of your booth
  • Automatic transferal of your company logo to your Business Profile
  • Publish further information such as Company News, Product News or Job News
  • Efficient Lead Management with Visitors and Members of the Community
  • Easy control with every click to promising Leads
  • Develop your own Community within the Lounge‐Community
  • Corporate Publishing via the Newsletter
  • Organize your own Events

Visitors register in accordance to the Lounges and automatically create your personal profile in the Community

  • After this, you will be able to read all of the content as a passive member
  • Once you step foot inside the Lounges in Stuttgart, your account will automatically be made active and allow you access to all sources of information and contact opportunities of the whole Community

Exhibitors and Visitors can communicate with eachother as active members

  • Once the User activates their profile, all communication paths will be made available
  • With your permission, can you, and only you, decide by whom you wish to be contacted


Lounges 2017 - A preview of the program

... merely a small preview of the abundance of topics being presented.

Of course the actual content

  • ISPE Session: Containment, Aseptic Production, Water/Drain and Steam and Serialization
  • IPA Session: Clean-­Room Norms, Process Guidelines with Equipment, Sanitation and Validation
  • GMP Session: New Guidelines and their Interpretation, Process Optimization
  • Field Neutral Session: ASME BPE, Risks and Cost Management, Industrie 4.0
  • etc.

Real-­Life Presentations

  • Projects with individual designs from the specialty fields of Pharma, Medicine Technique, Astronautics and…
  • Optimizing the Finishing/Production Layout
  • Realized Construction Projects
  • Implementation of up-­‐to-­‐date Regulatory Guidelines through hands-on Examples
  • etc.


Lounges 2017 is focused on Specialty Lectures and Real-Life Presentations

Exhibitors and Visitors can already be excited about the expanded focuses of the specialty lectures and real-life presentations.


Lounges 2017

A specific response to the market needs!

The Lounges show up right at the beginning of 2017 in a new forward-looking and market-oriented outfit.

After 10 successful years that established this as the meeting point of the cleanroom and pharmaceutical industries, our event progresses like the whole economic sector itself.

Both visitors and exhibitors prefer to have just one single event that offers a conventional trade fair the successful marketing of products and services in addition to advanced trainings set in a pleasant atmosphere and the increase of their professional network.

This has been the basic idea of the Lounges since its’ first conception. In order to keep up to date with the market demands, we plan on making extensive changes for 2017, which will intensify the relationship between exhibitors and visitors.

Due to today’s time resources being limited, makes it that more important, to take advantage of as many resources from the event as possible.

Lounges 2017 – cleanroom and pharmaceutical process technologies – your marketplace for visions, innovations and product highlights

  • Optimized hall layout with multiple booking options of new booth design possibilities
  • In cooperation with universities, colleges and scientific institutes
  • Top presentation program to clear‐cut themes
  • Lecture forums for exhibitors – presented in cooperation with our event partners
  • Customized presentations at every booth – fixed times listed in our published schedule
  • New Highlight: integrated darkzone
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art internet platform with up-to-date information like company portraits, news about companies and products, innovations, job offers and requests
  • Lounge-Community with an efficient Lead Management
  • Recruiting Day – live und online

We participate